Where is Drew Houston now? Wiki: Net Worth, Wife, Parents, Married, Son

An entrepreneur who specializes in an internet document sharing, Dropbox, Drew Houston, is a genius mind behind the file hosting service from the electronic world. He’s a successful online Entrepreneur that’s always struck the boundless possibilities and innumerable chances, along with also the inspirational story of a guy is worth studying. Professional Career

The Future of Bit9Drew worked for several IT startups that comprised Bit9, Hubspot , and Accolade. However, the bona fide individual constantly had the urgency to come up with something new merchandise in the realm of technology that will definitely take his livelihood by leaps and bounds. A number of the technological fans have to know about the software program, Dropbox. After successfully launch their fantasy startup in its launch on June 10, 2007, the program has managed to acquire over 500 million users, along with the evaluation of the item is estimated to be approximately $10 billion before 2014. He had been a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at MIT. Is His Net Worth?.

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