Where’s Somaya Reece today? Bio: Net Worth, Weight, Weight Loss, Son

Where is Somaya Reece?

An Overview of ” Women ‘s Love “For maturity is the manifestation of the childhood, but maybe not for this ‘Love and Hip Hop’ celebrity. Samaya Reece had but she’s currently a singer, celebrity, and reality celebrity. She’s also in an homosexual relationship and got engaged to her .

Career and Progression

An Overview of the 6th ShowAfter fighting relationship and phase in life out, she awakened to become the great. She got fame after she became among the casts of “Love and Hip Hop.” The reality series on VH1 aired on 6th March 2011 and after producing two seasons in a row; she transferred into a different reality series called “Famously Single.” Except for her reality series, she appeared as an actress in “American Psycho” (2002), “The Scorpio King” (2002), “Go For It” (2009), plus even more. She produces weight loss products through her firm named “This frees Me”

Just how Much is Somaya’s Net Worth?

Celebrity GossipThe truth actress made a mark at the entertainment fraternity throughout her reality series called “Love and Hip Hop.” She possesses and invests . Over the span of her career, she’s gathered a net worth of $4 million, which can be given from.

Engaged to Lady Luck!

Gay WeddingsShanell “Lady Luck” Jones had a beat on Somaya back in 2013. It did not take back any form then, although she purposed Somaya at a comment. Caption: Somaya Reece and fiancée, Shanell “Lady Luck” collectively on January 2017. | Resource: heavy.com From the season finale of “First Family of Hip Hop,” Lady Luck popped the query, and Somaya stated! March 2017, the lesbian couple got engaged on 20th, and the few is planning an wedding service to begin their married life. Though any dates have not been verified this was explained by Lady Luck: because it’s going to be the lookout for a lifetime, Watch out with this particular wedding.

Turbulence in Early Life!!

A Woman ‘s LifeSomaya fought through her life with problems life. She had the relationship who fooled her, when she was obsolete 13. Following her breakup with her boyfriend, she joined a bunch and abandoned the home. It’s there where she began dating him and met with a man. They got pregnant and began with a affair that was explicit. She believed she was becoming fat, but her mom knew about the pregnancy, later she returned into the house. Her threw when she was in to five years of pregnancy. She remained in the house of her boyfriend’s mum who had been used to beat her and abusive after being displaced for a month. She also gave birth regardless of obstacles to the kid. She received death threats after giving birth. But this was it, as her son killed by the bunch of individuals and got poisoned. She watched her son remembers that stage and take his final breath. But she climbed up into a girl that was responsible, and success stories begin with her. Not just that but she states that it is about believing and is the inspiration you can. She lost weight and started a listing of weight loss products, after obtaining a health scare because of weight reduction.

Somaya’s Loved Ones and Short Pants

The Annals of AlcoholSomaya Reece, the college dropout was born on in Los Angeles. In accordance with resources that were wiki, Somaya was born into mother and an alcoholic father, which left her youth a hell. She holds nationality and goes back to Salvadorian. The elevation of 9 inches and 5 feet and body contour that is give personality and look to her.

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