Where is Daniela Rajic today? Bio: Daughter, Dating, Net Worth, Married

Where is Daniela Rajic?

The Perfect Way to Cover a KidThe very best way would be to get a connection with sports character and celebrities. Daniela Rajic is a ex-stripper, after giving birth to a love child and she left the headlines. By paying $ 1 million in reimbursement Paul tried to abort the kid. She slapped a lawsuit against the participant however, the duo reconciled and settled the situation.

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Daniela Pregnant Again!

What They Were Thinking AboutDaniela Rajic is after submitting a lawsuit against Indiana Pacers Paul 19, a ex-stripper who came. While dance at the Miami region ex-stripper fulfilled his heartthrob. From the yatch, the duo shared a one-night-stand after meeting for a few time, and she became pregnant. She took a test, and she gave birth to a girl named Olivia on 1st May 2013 and demonstrated that Paul was her daughter’s father. A lawsuit filed at Manhattan Family Court on May 2014 and maintained that Paul chased her to take $ 1 million and also find an abortion. Paul published a statement that he appealed for solitude until what is being sorted out and that when there’s any affirmation of him being the father he’d adopt his duties. The issue got settled, and the couple is searching to their baby girl. But after lawsuit, the ex-stripper was impregnated by the Pacers star back, and she disclosed her baby bump. According to the reports, an connection is now shared by the few. And she appeared to enjoy their time together and accompanied father-to-be and her boyfriend at a Yankee Sport. The couple who’s presently currently dating is prepared to welcome their kids that are next .


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Career Before Fame

Dancing With The StarsDaniela Rajic was the heat to heat Tootsies that’s an strip joint and location of a hangout for the athlete, the strip bar. She and with her forward while dance met with . She has left her past behind her and is a dancer. Her past is labeled by her and is decided to earn a living.

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Daniela Short Bio

The History of MiamiAccording to the resources, 27 ages and dwelt in Miami, Florida where she worked as a stripper. She’s a sister is a graduate of the University of Miami. Rajic belongs to ethnicity that is mixed and holds nationality. She keeps an superb curve and owns a elevation.

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