Where is FaZe Censor today? Wiki: Girlfriend, Net Worth, Weight, Diet

“When you follow your passion, achievement comes to you.” Well, CoD winner, FaZe Censor is the living example of the quotation as he gained enormous success following his youth gaming fire and proceeded to the path to becoming a prosperous gamer. This artist who’s known by each gamer possible dropped out of his college to turn his passion in his livelihood. Career and Progression

The History of Video GamesFaZe Censor also called Douglas Martin is a Esports Player and skilled gamer. He’s led to numerable gaming groups like Quantic, Team EnVy, Strictly Business and Prophecy. Starting his gambling career in youthful age, FaZe because his youth has been very much thinking about video games and athletes. He grew up playing Nintendo games such as Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario he thought of as a escape for his shy character. FaZe was into gambling it finally hampered his research and got hooked into the game, “Call of Duty” and if “Call of Duty: Black Ops'” published, he fell out from college to start his trip as an expert CoD participant. In his street towards being a gamer, he has selected to the group, “Quantic Next-TT-hreat” that afterwards reached the Top 8 in various championships causing him to become two time winner of “Call of Duty” and the manager for FaZe Clan. Well, this isn’t only all to his unbelievable career travel, he took a while from his gambling career and got and a fitness enthusiast and also made his YouTube station in 2011 which largely guides his lovers to live a healthful lifestyle.

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Additionally, he got chosen as a sponsored athlete of Alpha Gas Energy.

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