Who is Bojana Jankovic? Bio: Wedding, Wife, Married, Husband, Net Worth

Who is Bojana Jankovic?

Bojana and JankovicThey will wind coming up . Let us take Bojana Jankovic for example who’s a doctor but is popular in the media industry. Bojana is an advisory committee member for Healthy Child Healthy Globe and is an internal medicine doctor at Cedars Sinai Hospital.

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Career and Progression

Bojana JankovicShe’s currently employed as an internal medicine physician. She’s also on the committee for Healthy Child Healthy Planet, a company which educates parents about the way to make more healthy environments and houses for the kids. She is the associate of American Health Association and American Medical Association. Together with that, she’s famous as a writer of television show, ‘TVWWW’ and ‘Don’t Leave Strangers ‘to Me.

Is the Worth of Bojana ?

Hospital Prices RiseBojana has spent a decade for a doctor at the hospital. Her earnings from other functions and the hospital should have assisted her to summon net worth. Aside from that Michael has a net worth of $25 million. The couple purchased a mansion in a gated community in the Hollywood Hills for $3.5 million in 2012 after promoting their Los Angeles home for about $1.8 million.

Appreciating a Blissful Family Life!!

The Background of BojanaHusband and Bojana Jankovic, Michael Weatherly, an actor and director met in 2007 at a pub in Vancouver. Michael became mesmerized by Bojana’s wonder at the glance that he was a student. Afterward, the couple dated prior to putting a vow and flew a relation. Her husband along with Bojana are blessed with two children. The couple gave birth to his daughter, Olivia Weatherly on April 10, 2012, who’s five years old. Likewise, her second child, Liam Weatherly, son stepped to the world. Her time was splitting at increasing a child and treating patients.

Her Short Pants

Bojana JankovicAccording to some resources, Bojana Jankovic is a daughter of immigrants that are Serbian and is 37 decades old. She earned Bachelor of Science/ Biophysics. She later completed her Master in experimental medicine and oncology in 2005 and M.D at 2009. She also received the University of British Columbia Margaret Patterson Award in the Exact Same year.

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