Who is Maria Victoria Henao? Wiki: Death, Net Worth, Brother, Married

Who is Maria Victoria Henao:?

An Overview of the FilmOccasionally one’s life is full of excitement and off-the-hook moments their life could be developed to the daunting narrative plot of this tv show. Well, such comparable character is Maria Victoria Henao who was the talk of town when she chose to the rest the obstacles and got married into the Cocaine King Pablo Escobar. After getting together for some four years ago, television show ‘Narcos’ now catches the life span of Pablo and his wife, Maria.

Who’s Maria Victoria Henao?

Book ReviewThe couple was married for seventeen years until Pablo was shot dead from the local police in 1993. Maria was initially introduced to her husband by her brother that worked with Pablo in drug dealing. Since her brother was the main company partner with Escobar, Maria had lots of chances to fulfill Pablo. They fell in love and decided to get married. But her family compared to this conclusion due to the lower social standing Pablo had. Nonetheless, the resistance didn’t separate the fans, and thus that they eloped and got married in 1976. When the duo got married, Pablo had been 26 years old while Maria was only 15. Regardless of the wedded life, the drug lord has been included in extramarital affairs and had numerous mistresses. Henao was well conscious of it refused to leave her husband, among those reasons being the extravagant life she had with Pablo.

The Children of Henao and Escobar !

Mother ‘s Day Maria following ten years gave birth to her lovely daughter, Manuela Escobar at 1984. Juan is very supportive of his parents and lives with his mom and grandmother. He’s presently employed as a lecturer and also an architect. Juan has written a novel entitled, “Pablo Escobar: My husband.” While Juan stuck with his loved ones, Manuela severed all of the family ties and is alive a low-key life away from her loved ones. She’s never said about her dad in public.

Life of a Medication Mafia as a widow!

The Death of a FamilyFollowing the authorities shot Pablo at 1993, the researchers came to his home and seized all of the assets leaving the household broke. Owing to his nefarious deeds, his spouse and children lived and suffered as a refugee at Columbia. They often altered the name and also their individuality to be protected from law enforcement. Later in 2000, Maria and her son was detained by the authorities for money laundering. But after a while they were published because none of these allegations have been proved to be correct. As of this moment, Maria is living a very low profile life together with her son and also mother-in-law at Bueno Aires.

What’s Maria Henao’s Net Worth?

The Story of a WomanMaria Henao dwelt a life as a result of her husband’s reputation. The majority of her family and her life she needed to reside in darkness. Whenever she left it to headlines, it had been just for the notorious deeds. This being the motive, nothing about occupation and her career was shared. And therefore, her net worth is unknown until date. Though Pablo exploited his earning via an illegal company, he’s got a massive net worth of $30 billion.

Short and Family Bio of Maria Henao

Birth in the USAShe had been born in 1961 at Palmira Valle del Cauca, Columbia and likely aged about 57. Maria who belongs to Latin American ethnicity was created for parents, Carlos Henao Vallejo and Leonor Zuleta. Maria is only one child of her parents. She has two sisters, Carlos Mario Henao Vallejo and Pastora Henao Bayen.

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